SR Accessories

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SR Retention Adhesive

This adhesive varnish is utilized to affix micro- and macroretention beads to the surface of restorations after modelling.

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SR Microretention Beads / SR Macroretention Beads

Two different sizes of retentins beads are available, depending on the space available. Microretentions with 200 – 300 micron and Macroretentions with 400 – 600 micron.

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SR Link

SR Link is a metal-composite bonding agent that provides a covalent bond between the metal framework and SR Adoro. SR Link is an easy-to-use and, above all, tried-and-tested bonding system that can be used in conjunction with a wide selection of alloys. The bonding agent is suitable for use in conjunction with metal frameworks made of:

  • alloys that contain less than 90% gold, palladium and platinum
  • alloys that contain less than 50% copper and/or silver,
  • base metal alloys and
  • titanium alloys.

SR Link must not be used on electroformed (Galvano) frameworks.

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SR Model Separator

The SR Mode Separator is suitable for separating working dies during the fabrication of metal-free restorations and adjoining stone surfaces during composite veneering.

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SR Composiv

This ivory-colored bonding paste is the ideal light-curing microfilled composite to optimize the bond of various resins and composite materials. The paste is applied to promote the bond between Ivoclar Vivadent denture teeth and SR Adoro veneering material in particular.

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SR Gel

SR Gel is a glycerine-based masking gel that is impervious to oxygen. The gel is applied to the restorations before final polymerization/tempering to minimize the formation of an inhibition layer on the surface of the veneering composite. Consequently, the gel ensures complete curing of restoration surfaces.

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SR Adoro Thermo Guard

SR Adoro Thermo Guard is a diethylene glycol/water based paste. The paste, which is applied to all exposed metal parts before final polymerization/tempering, provides a thermally absorbing (cooling) effect, thereby minimizing the internal tension at the interface between metal and SR Adoro. As a result, SR Adoro Thermo Guard helps reduce the risk of hairline cracks.

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Universal Polishing Paste

This universal polishing paste enables quick and efficient polishing of composite and metal restorations to a high gloss. The paste is particularly suitable for prepolishing and principal polishing of SR Adoro and Telio veneers.