Prótesis sobre implantes

Implant-supported prosthetic restorations must fulfil functional and phonetic requirements whilst achieving an esthetic appearance.

Ivoclar Vivadent offers a comprehensive product portfolio within the Abutment Solutions concept. The products are all compatible with one another and cover the entire process chain from the temporary solution to the final implant restoration. The restorations can be made using conventional and digital techniques.

In the Abutment Solutions, the restoration material and cementation material form a unit with the titanium bonding base. Therefore, it is also an essential part of the restoration.

The following products are available for the production of Abutment Solutions:

* soon also compatible with Viteo Base

Telio CAD*

para restauraciones provisionales

IPS e.max CAD*

para restauraciones definitivas

IPS e.max Press

para restauraciones definitivas

Multilink Hybrid Abutment

como material de cementación

Viteo Base

como base de titanio